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1 Mistress Alexia Jordon  

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2 Servitude

Devotional to Mistress Alexia Jordon  

From the first time i was fortunate to have a phone session with the incomparable Mistress Alexia Jordon, i have been helplessly addicted to Her obvious Superiority and natural place as my Stronger, Better..Goddess. She has controlled me in every way and p..

 docileslave (docileslave)   21-Mar-2010 08:14 PM



3 Welcome to my new forum.

what it means to submit to Mistress Alexia  

What it means to be a submissive is different from what it means to be submissive to the Great Mistress Alexia Jordon. Though many of us subs have achieved subspace when in the presence of a truly Superior Woman...those who have groveled at Mistress Alexia..

 docileslave (docileslave)   15-Feb-2010 06:31 PM



4 Mistress Alexia's Website

NEW clips4sale Store  

Download my domination and fetish video clips on clips4sale. Welcome to my Naughty kinky land of play Bitch boy. Come indulge yourself in my kinky fetish wonderland. a place where you belong!

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5 Mistress Alexia's Website


Follow me on Twitter

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6 Servitude

Female Supremacy  

- SheGod Alexia By Ms Alexia Jordon, Ph.d. She-God University , Denver CO Dear Readers, Back in 1982 Edward C. Whitmont a Jungian psychologists wrote a book called "Return Of The Goddess". This book was about the returning Goddess ar..

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7 Mistress Alexia's Website

Niteflirt Fun  

Check out my new niteflirt listings...... pictures and voice recordings for all you lil shy boys that are afraid to call me :) My pictures are not downloadable on my site however you can buy them for your own computar in full size on niteflirt. go to ..

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8 Sissy sluts , cross dressers, maids & transformations.

Cross dressing and all it's little goodies.  

Cross dressing has so many different angles to it.It's like having a walk in closet of fun, from pedicures and manicures to sissy slut training or maid training.Dollification or feminization .What do you enjoy the most about your dressing adventures.The sil..

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9 Welcome to my new forum.

new member..  

I am a new member..but a devoted slave to the Beautiful Goddess Alexia..i am thrilled to watch Her beautiful vidoes and hear Her glorious voice...Goddess knows just where She has me...

 docileslave (docileslave)   21-Mar-2009 04:06 AM



10 Servitude

Whats your fetish???  

Whats you fetish? As you can see from the picture at the top I love playing ith strapons........ I have many other fetishes as well to name a few favorites... I love foot/boot/high heel worship, I am a natural humilatrix, I am a leather and latex fetishist,..

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11 Mistress Alexia's Website

Picture, Videos Dairy entries and more.  

I am opening up this thread to share thoughts about the content on this site (pictures, videos ect) I always enjoy producing the videos and doing the photo shoots, I have such a blast making them. I will be stopping in to share my stories and the highlite..

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12 Servitude


Hard to say where this subject lies is it objectification or sissification or something else entirely. All i know is Mistress Alexia makes the concept of becomming a doll so very hot! Imagine your humanity taken away and becomming a facimile of a person .be..

 SlaveDollVeronica (Veronica vinyl )   03-Mar-2009 04:25 PM



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